3rd blog

I think that people need to get outside and explore the world so that we can get to see the different cultures out in the world. Many people have hate against Somalians. But there are good people in every group of people. So that's why its easy to blame a certain group if you act prejudice against it.


Scapegoat- One sunny day in the summer me, nick and carter were playing baseball. About 20 min later I went and jumped on the trampoline while the boys kept playing. Nick and Carter were pitching to each other and right behind nick is the window on our house. Carter pitched the ball and nick went for it but it hit the window instead and the window cracked! We went to tell my dad what happened but then they blamed it on me. 1 week later my dad and mom found out the truth. 

Conflict- Les Goodman is the one that gets blamed for everything strange that is happening in the story. For example when he tried to start up his car it did not work then he walked away and it started.

The Babysitter

This story is an urban legend about a girl that was babysitting  three kids late at night. This all started when the girl was really looking for a job, she finally found one for a couple that had three children. The couple lived in a really old isolated house. One night when she was watching the kids she decided to put them to bed because it was getting late, so she went upstairs and put the kids to sleep. When she went downstairs to read she heard the phone ringing. When she picked up the phone she heard a mans voice breathing heavily the man said "Have you checked on the children yet?" She quickly hung up. The phone kept ringing and the man kept saying the same thing. Then she started to get worried so she called the police. The police said that she should try to keep the man on the phone so that they could track the number. Eventually the police tracked the number they said that the phone was coming from upstairs, and then they screamed get out now! She ran out of the hou…